New Student Guide

Income Sources

Income Source Where to Find out
Stipend Email your program coordinator
Grants For example: NSFFord FoundationDouble Hoo GrantJefferson Fellowship. Contact your department.
Diversity Scholarships and Fellowships Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs Scholarship List
Part-time Work Indeed, Jobs@UVA, CareerBuilder, Handshake, UVA Student Employment Overview
Teaching Assistant Positions Consult your advisor or program coordinator
Research Assistant Positions

Consult your advisor, program coordinatior, or simply look through webpages for faculty members in your department and email professor doing research that interests you.

Program Coordinator Positions Grad students can work as coordinators for the undergraduate Echols Scholars Program and can work as coordinators for Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (contact your department)
Internships Attend the career fairs held each semester; research companies that interest you and apply.
Other? Ask advisor, program coordinator, or department head.

Budgeting Guide

 Expense Estimated Amount
Housing $500/month
Utilities $50/month
Food $300/month
Transportation $50-200/month
School Supplies $1,294/semester
Fun and other $300 (Note how much your spend on entertainment, hobbies, etc., for 3 months and take the average)
Rainy day fund Have $200-$500 available at any given time
Total $1350-$1500

Financial Services and Aid

Helpful Mailing Lists


10 Things to Know

We talked to a psychology PhD student who offered these ten pieces of advice:

  1. Find a community you belong to.
  2. It's important to make time for self care.
  3. Exercise is healthy, cathartic, and improves your focus.
  4. Find study spaces (e.g., a coffee shop or a favorite library room)
  5. Explore Charlottesville
  6. Escape Charlottesville
  7. It's OK if you feel like you don't belong; beware of imposter syndrome
  8. Failure is a normal part of being grad student
  9. Find people outside your department--it's good to befriend people who have different experiences and don't feel as much of a need to compare yourself with. Plus, it's probably safer to vent about your problems to them.
  10. It's OK to pursue other things.