2015 LAMI Fellows

Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

Morehouse College


Research/Career Interest(s): Historical theology and the relationship between religious thought and social evolution through time

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Gospel of Slavery: A Study of Antebellum Southern American Christian Thought on African Slavery Following the Second Great Awakening



Malikia Johnson

Howard University

Sociology and Africana Studies

Research/Career Interest(s): Representations of African-American women in K-12 textbooks and the effects on the cultural identity of young, African-American girls

LAMI Summer Research Project: Diversifying Representations of African American Women in Elementary Texts



Kayla Pinson

Virginia State University

History, Philosophy and Mass Communications (minors)

Research/Career Interests: African historiography, historical memory, spoken word and historical healing through poetry

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Narrow Path to Justice: Amnesty and Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa



Joel Rhone

Howard University


Research/Career Interests: Literature after WWII and the construction of civilian reality through militaristic narratives and ideologies

LAMI Summer Research Project: Surveillance, Policing, and the Politics of Space in Superman Comic Books



Lilybeth Shields

University of Puerto Rico-Humacao

English, Secondary ESL Education (minor)

Research/Career Interest(s): Linguistics and education

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Gaming Effect: Why the Members of the Puerto Rican Gaming Community Acquire English More Easily than Their Peers



Anthony Velázquez

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

Linguistics and Communications

Research/Career Interest(s): Gender Studies

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Faces of Puerto Rico: Public Perception of Phenotype and Experienced Identity