2017 LAMI Fellows

Je'lon Alexander

Morehouse College

African American History 

Research/Career Interest(s): 20th Century African American History, which include the Civil Rights Movement , Black Power Movement, student activism, and legal and political activism

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Rebellion of the Students: The Connection between the Atlanta Student Movement and the Atlanta Project 



Valeria Arce

University of Puerto Rico 

Political Science 

Research/Career Interest(s): Developing a guide for researchers to use while studying Latin American communities 

LAMI Summer Research Project: The use of the human ecology model from the Thriving Cities Project



Sara Castro

University of Puerto Rico

Foreign Languages and Sociology 

Research/Career Interest(s): Language (French and German) and Culture 

LAMI Summer Research Project: The relationship between educational language policy, langauage attitudes, and social/cultural identity in a classroom 



Madison Choi

Chaminade University

English and Communications

Research/Career Interest(s): Pop culture, film, and television

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Netflix series: Stranger Things, as it revives distinct cultural elements from the 1980s



Matt Ford

Vassar College


Research/Career Interest(s): Ethnomusicology, Black queer liberation theology, and free knowledge-sharing digital platforms

LAMI Summer Research Project: Examining the evolution of non-binary gender performance in Black fashion and popular music through Grace Jones, Prince, and self-portraiture



Victoria Juarez

Santa Clara University

History and Spanish

Research/Career Interest(s): Early American History

LAMI Summer Research Project: Evaluating the role that women played in early historical court cases and what the implications were for transatlantic relationships



Ryan Russell 

Morehouse College 

Research/Career Interest(s): Race and Law 

LAMI Summer Research Project: Investigating the relevance of black political ideologies today, utilizing black political thought from the 1960s and 1970s



Gabriela Trinidad Perez

University of Puerto Rico


Research/Career Interest(s): Culture and Gender

LMAI Summer Research Project: The representation of Latino Women in US Popular Culture, and the backlash that arises with this subject



Kaitlin Mitchell

Northern Arizona University

Sociology, English and Law, Rights and Justice (minors)

Research/Career Interest(s): Poc queer studies, young adolescents, and women

LAMI Summer Research Project: Race and Faith in Communities and Church Projects, focusing on US Christianity and how it intersects with multiethnic communities and churches