2018 LAMI Fellows

Emily De Leon 

DePaul University

Latin American and Latino Studies and Spanish Studies 

Research/Career Interest(s): To pursue a PhD in Latin American Cultures 

LAMI Summer Research Project: Americans by Fé: Prosperity Gospel Pentecostalism and Latino Assimilation


Cassondra Hanna

Fisk University 

History and Sociology with a minor in African American Studies 

Research/Career Interest(s): The intersections of race and class, and their roles within the history of the African-American experience and disenfranchisement

LAMI Summer Research Project: The Urban Redevelopment of Pittsburgh’s Hill District


Katelynn Hester 

Southeastern Oklahoma State University 

History with a double minor in English and Spanish 

Research/Career Interest(s): Cultural shifts within the Choctaw Nation due to the presence of Christian missionaries in the 18th and 19th Centuries 

LAMI Summer Research Project: Chahta Ahaya Moma: Cultural Shifts in the Choctaw Nation During the 18th and 19th Centuries


Mariama Jalloh

Spelman College

Political Science 

Research/Career Interest(s): Law School with a concentration in Gender and Politics 

LAMI Summer Research Project: Please Don’t Cut Me: The Psychological Effects of Female Genital Mutilation


Elena Maltos 

Heritage University 

History with a minor in Criminal Justice 

Research/Career Interest(s): Mass incarceration and felon disenfranchisement in the United States and how these practices have impacted voter turnout and representation of minorities in state and federal elections.

LAMI Summer Research Project: Underrepresented and Overlooked: The Civil and Social Consequences of Felony Disenfranchisement in the Latino Community


Carlos Paramo 

University of California Berkeley 

Economics and Mathematics 

Research/Career Interest(s): Public policy and policy impact evaluation, specially policies pertaining health and education

LAMI Summer Research Project: Competition and Innovation: Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Alexandra Sanchez

Berry College 


Research/Career Interest(s): The anthropology of the body and expressive culture

LAMI Summer Research Project: Opinions on Display: A Case Study on Curators’ Responses to Fetishism in Museums in Charlottesville